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Welcome to Shangrla Radio

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You can now freely explore the site and join in the community by either commenting on existing article posts or by becoming a member of the chat community. A moderator will automatically make you a member once you join in the chat.

A few things regarding the chat zone:

  1. When you first log in to the chatroom your icon will be green and the system will allocate you a rather silly nickname. You can change this by clicking on the name and then changing it at the top of the dialogue box that appears. Click ok and your done. Once a moderator has made you a member your icon will be blue.
  2. Members that have a white icon are Moderators and considered to be members of the Station staff.. They have the power to, as the name implies, moderate all events taking place on the chat. This includes, but is not limited to, banning abusive members or guests and/or those causing annoyance to other members.
  3. Those members having a Gold icon are chatroom Owners and have the power to ban members and demote or remove Moderators.
  4. Please refrain from using abusive or foul language. This site is frequented by young people who could really do without seeing the lack of articulation from adults or fellow children.
  5. Please also refrain from airing grievences with other members of the community publically – there is a private chat (PM) facility available if you wish to get personal – however I would suggest you try and settle matters amicably rather than resort to hurling abuse.

So, welcome once again and I hope you enjoy your Shangrla experience 🙂

~ The Lord