Request Line Now Open Again

Great news folks, I finally got the request line up and running again. Visit often and make your choices. 10 Requests per person per hour with a maximum of 50 per day per person. Do it right and you can make your own radio show 🙂 Better still apply to become a DJ and get […]

Radio Back Up

Well after 2 weeks of auto DJ and loop the stream is now back up again and I am diligently continuing the rebuild. I seem to have been locked out of the ChatZone so I cannot change the stream back for the Chat Radio. However, I have installed a small webplayer in the Sidebar that […]

Radio Stream Back On Line

Hey Folks Shangrla is back on line and running as normal again – The server has been rebuilt in record time to be honest given the limited funding available for new parts etc. Schedule changes are imminent so keep your eyes open for those – But for now it will remain as is – Don’t […]

New Educational Series of Programs

Hey folks, Just a quick note to let you know whats been going on behind the scenes lately on Shangrla Radio. Guess your all aware that we now have a new DJ, Chris Robertson, who’s shows specialise in rockin cover versions of tracks you all know. So, a big official Shangrla welcome to Chris. In […]