Shangrla Is Putting it’s Foot Down

Yes Shangrla is about to engage overdrive. We have formed some realistic short and long term goals for the future  and are about to open a new Patreon page.

As followers of Shangrla Radio, I would like to hear your comments, ideas and feedback on our soon to be published Patreon page. You can take a sneak preview here:

Shangrla Radio at Patreon

The kind of things I would like to know are:

What rewards would you suggest for each tier level?
What name would you think appropriate for each tier level?
What goals would you suggest other than those listed?
Anything else you might think of…

I would like to get this underway as soon as possible so that we can get stuck into our plans for the future.

Please send your comments to

Let the music play 🙂


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