Shangrla Goes Virtual

Hey Guys,

Well I’ve been threatening to explain all this for weeks now and I apologise for the delay. But here is the low down…

Yes Shangrla now has it’s own Bar and Club in the Virtual reality World of Second Life!! But. it’s gone further than that now – we have an entire Island!!

In order to participate in this highly addictive virtual world (Be Warned!!) you will need to sign up for an account in Second life here: Join Second Life.

Once you have been through the registration process you will be able to login using the viewer that is automatically downloaded for you. Fi this doesn’t happen for any obscure reason you can download it here: Second Life Viewer

Now log into your account at the secondlife webpage and open your account page. Look down the left hand side and you will see an age verification link. Verify your age and tick the box to view adult content (Shangrla is an Adult Sim so you will need to do this in order to teleport to us)

Now open your new SL Viewer and login. Once you log in you will be located at the Welcome Hub and you should take the tour presented there to familiarize yourself with the workings of your Avatar. Go to the preferences tab located under “ME” at the top right of your viewer and under “General” select General, Moderate and Adult as your viewing permissions.

When you have completed this look at the top right of your viewer and you will see a search box.. type into the search box “scnupage” without the quotes and you will see my account pop up “The Lord” click on profile and when it opens click on Friend button and I will friend you and TP you to Shangrla.

If you have already been through this stage and/or already have an account on SL then you can do a search for Shangrla and you will be able to TP (Teleport) straight there.

We have three officers at the moment:

Me The Lord (scnupage resident)

Shae Shaddo (shaeshaddo resident)

Teresa Flynn (teresaflynn resident)

We will all be able to help guide you around the island and familiarise you with the workings of SL.

I am putting together a “Newbie Box” that you will be able to pick up from the Shangrla Landing Site that will contain all the things you need to spruce up your avatar with new hairstyles shapes and skins (The SL standard ones are crap)

I’ll update you more over the next few days.

If you would prefer to have a completely formatted top of the line Avatar with fake ID (advisable if you don’t want people to know who you are on SL) then please contact me as this is a service we are providing as a commercial enterprise. Just leave me a message at the bottom of this post.

Ok thats it for now – stay chilled – stay Shangrla

~ The Lord

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