Radio Stream Back On Line

Hey Folks Shangrla is back on line and running as normal again – The server has been rebuilt in record time to be honest given the limited funding available for new parts etc.

Schedule changes are imminent so keep your eyes open for those – But for now it will remain as is – Don’t forget that my show has moved to Midnight on Thursdays now.

Oh and one more thing – the Chatroom is open as normal and has never changed as far as being available – Second Life is an addition to the Shangrla stable of facilities not a replacement for this website or the chat room. It was intended to be a means for listeners to meet the DJ’s and Artists featured on Shangrla radio in real time in a virtual environment.

My absence from the chatroom has been for very personal reasons and not because I am phasing it out as some rumours would have you believe.

The music you hear on the website and the links is exactly the same as that being broadcast on SL. There is no difference – it is just another way of listening and a means to be more involved personally.

~ The Lord

About Lordy

Owner and operator of Shangrla Radio. Any questions regarding scheduling of shows or content of the Shangrla Radio website should be addressed to me using the Contact Form.