Our Stream Provider Has Gone Bust!! ~ Our Solution

Hey folks – well after what seems an eternity of being messed around by our Stream provider and by BT (British Telecom) the final axe has fallen on our Radio Stream Provider (Twisterhost). Here is the email I received from them yesterday and the future for them doesn’t look good…

“Hi, Everyone!

I wish this update would give you some good news, but, sadly, it’s not all good news.

First thing is that everyone needs to download a FULL backup of your site immediately. There is a reason for this request, though.

Over the last few months, we have been struggling to pay the monthly server bill, getting money from various sources to “keep the lights on”. Sadly, that is coming to an end, I think. Our current PayPal is far, far short of what the server bill is…By almost $93.00.

Earlier today, I received notice from our provider that the server will be placed on suspended status today. This means that ALL sites we host will be offline starting tomorrow. Hence, it’s important that you download a full backup tonight. This means your HTML/PHP files, your email, your mySQL databases…everything that you want to keep.

However, there is a silver lining here and at the risk of someone yelling that I’m trying to steal customers away, I am pondering starting up a web hosting business on August 1st with HostGator, where the rates will be far more reasonable in regards to the server bills.

Those that can afford to wait until August 1st through any downtime will be rewarded for their patience: Their sites will be transferable to the new location at the same rate they paid to Twisterhost. Those that paid on different plans will be given full credit for unused time, so that there will be no loss of investment.

I know some folks are on recurring payments. Keep those active for now. When I can get a separate PayPal for “The Lair”, you’ll be informed and once that’s done, you can switch over the recurring payments to that.

Those with Shoutcast streams will need to be patient while I find out if we can even do Shoutcast or not. I know some sites have loyal listeners and I would ask you to let those listeners know of the downtime and that every effort will be made to get those up ASAP. Those with Shoutcast streams are asked to keep in contact with me to see if streaming audio will be doable. There will be no streaming video for the time being, though due to bandwidth limitations.

It’s gonna be a bumpy ride for the next week or so, but, stay loyal and patient.


Well after reading that I had to react fairly quickly – so I spent the best part of 24 hours setting up our own streaming server on our own hosting account on our own servers. WE changed over to the new stream in the early hours of this morning and hopefully listeners have not even noticed that we are now running on a new stream and that the website has moved hosts as well .

If you do find any glitches please let me know asap as this was a very quick fix to a rather major problem.

All the best


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