Shangrla Radio Request Feature

Yes I’ve already read this please take me to the Request Page


How To make A Request 

Making a request is easy but there are a few ground rules….

  1. You are allowed 10 requests per hour per person
  2. These must all be different artists as only one track per artist will be played each half hour. (This is to avoid one artist dominating the playlist – you may love that artist but others may not love them as much as you) with over 15000 tracks to choose from this should not pose a problem to you.
  3. During a scheduled show you will still be able to make requests but they will not be played until after the scheduled show has finished.

Making a Request

  1. Make a donation if you feel you would like to (This is NOT compulsory)
  2. Click on THIS LINK to go to the Request Page
  3. Select the first letter of the ARTIST you want to listen to or use the search facility to choose the artist and/or the song you would like hear.
  4. Click on the request button next to the song and wait to see if your request is approved in the pop up box that will appear
  5. If your request is approved your chosen song will be added to the bottom of the current playlist after the requests made by others. There is no way of telling how long you will have to wait for your song to be played at the moment – it all depends how many requests were made before yours
  6. There are a number of reasons why your request will not be approved….
    1. Your song choice or the artist is already in the queue and breaks the 30 minute per artist rule
    2. Your request limit has been reached for that time period
    3. The request facility is off line

Ok thats it – Go ahead and make your requests it couldn’t be easier..

Make a Request