Cradle ~ The History – Featured Album

Cradle ~ The HistorySmell the incense, the herb, the excitement…..
From their archives comes the previously unreleased original tunes of the Quatro sisters, the earliest heavy female rock musicians, rockin’ their raw, driving energy on this historical “Cradle-the history” CD. Recorded LIVE from the infamous Grande Ballroom of Detroit Rock City, on New Year’s Eve on a bill with the MC5, Cradle captures the mood and essence of this classic 70’s era.

Evolving out of the roots Quatro sisters’ first band (the Pleasure Seekers), Cradle morphed into a much harder direction, contributing relevant lyrics, creative harmonies, and heavy original music with attitude. They rocked this Renaissance era of sheer, raw, driving “grit” that burst out of Detroit, as it fused the Motown influence, colliding with the English invasion and Acid Rock. Cradle gained popularity quickly, well respected by their musician peers, and touring the country’s pop festivals, concerts, and ballrooms on bills with Mountain, Peter Frampton, Alice Cooper, Joe Cocker, MC5, Iggy Stooge, Ted Nugent, and many legends of the day.

Though they were gaining momentum, Cradle’s ride was sadly cut short with the hard struggle women had to find credibility with the record companies, finally breaking up in 1973, as Suzi went on to a solo career and international fame, and Patti joined forces with Fanny on the west coast.

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