A Fond Farewell To Blues Legend B.B. King


B.B. King

Once again we have to say goodbye to a musical legend. B.B. King, the name synonymous with the blues, left us for greener pastures on 14th May 2015 after battling a diabetes related illness.

Born Riley B. King on ….. he became known as “The Beale Street Blues Boy”, this got shortened to just “Blues Boy” then finally to B.B.

He spent the majority of his life touring and playing to live crowds. His shows invariably featured famous guest artists like Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Jeff Beck and a plethora of US Blues men too numerous to mention here. B.B. averaged 250 performances a year, sometimes reaching in excess of 300!! It was this that was attributed to the failure of his two marriages.

His famous Guitar “Lucille” was so named after he rescued it from a fire caused by a fight over a girl named “Lucille”.

He died quietly at home in his sleep after a number of strokes caused by his illness.

RIP B.B. and thank you for all the music

Tribute Show on Shangrla Radio at 10pm 16/05/2015 with DJ Anj

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